We are helping to build AI-driven, data-driven organizations that are constantly improving with intelligent analytics solutions.

The data analysis tools implemented by Inetum are a competitive advantage, the key to minimizing risks and improving the quality of services, and thus the ability to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Challenges we help you to address

  • Integration of distributed data sets
  • Data processing cost optimization
  • No real-time data processing
  • Lack of resources or knowledge to integrate AI and ML solutions
  • Unstructured data sources without access politics
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Our services

AI Maturity Assessment

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AI-Driven Organization

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Data-Driven Organization

data data driven - Modern Data Solutions

Data Mesh

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ML/AI Platform

data mlops - Modern Data Solutions

End-2-End Data Platform

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They have highly-competent developers on board, who are also very good people. They are engaged, know what are doing and approach new things with flexibility. I am very proud of this cooperation.

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Natalia Sawicka, Engineering Manager, Backbase

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We challenged them with an production system they were unfamiliar with, but they have adapted very well. They are patient, bring thoughtful recommendations and move things in the right direction.

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Head of Digital Operations, Bystronic

Benefits you will gain

Data-driven decision making

Our solutions support CXOs and managers in making strategic business decisions using organized data and uncovering patterns. Thus, they make the process more confident, and the decisions are based on facts and well-aligned with your company goals.

High quality and structured data

Inetum provides support according to customer-defined SLAs, keeping systems running optimally. Since monitoring takes place around the clock, the business owner can rest assured that any downtime is limited.

Predictive analytics

You will be able to prepare strategies for predicted situations or problems discovered with a revealed trends, models and activities.
We can integrate Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions with your company environment to ensure up-to-date insights.

Large support team

Don’t worry your project as our team of over 70 data consultants is ready to quickly adapt changes and improve your data processes. Besides this you can count on a support of 28 000 IT specialists of Inetum Group.
For over 10 years they cooperated with 20 world telecommunication operators building critical data integration processes. We have 5+ years of experience at the industries such as machinery, automotive, pharma, banking, or aviation.

Join the path!

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