Our Custom Software Development services provide a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking software tailored to their unique needs.

This service is ideal for businesses with unique ideas or specific processes that off-the-shelf software cannot address. It’s also an excellent choice for businesses that prefer to focus on their core operations while entrusting the technical aspects to us.

Challenges we help you to address

  • Accumulated tech debt
  • Difficulties in scaling up systems
  • Unavailability of off-the-shelf solutions
  • Lack of resources, skills and expertise to develop new products or features of existing products
  • Regulatory or business issues requiring cooperation with a partner company located within the EU
  • Absence of a strategy to achieve ESG compliance in the IT area (Sustainable software development)
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What we do in general?

Development of an existing solution

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End-to-End development

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They have highly-competent developers on board, who are also very good people. They are engaged, know what are doing and approach new things with flexibility. I am very proud of this cooperation.

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Natalia Sawicka, Engineering Manager, Backbase

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We challenged them with an production system they were unfamiliar with, but they have adapted very well. They are patient, bring thoughtful recommendations and move things in the right direction.

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Head of Digital Operations, Bystronic

Benefits you will gain

AI Acceleration

Support of GenAI at every stage of the project reduces the time needed for analysis, development, and documentation creation, while simultaneously improving the quality and security of the codebase. This enables quicker and more cost-effective project delivery.

AI-powered actions include code development, bugs detection, quality assurance and solution’s implementation.

Green Code

We implement processes to minimize the negative impact on the environment, including reducing the carbon footprint, while also decreasing the overall costs of running the software by optimizing its performance.

Our defined strategies include selecting data centers and cloud services that use renewable energy to power their infrastructure, optimizing applications’ hardware resource consumption for energy efficiency, and implementing proprietary solutions like Inetum Cloud Cost Management, which features adaptive automatic scaling of the platform.

Cost Effectiveness

Using Inetum’s proprietary and innovative project management methodology, Design Thinking, we empower our clients to rapidly progress through the analysis and prototyping phases before a final decision about investing in software needs to be made.

Such an approach guarantees a low cost of the project kickoff and diagnosis of functional and budgetary possibilities in comparison with traditional methodologies that require detailed and expensive analysis.

As a result, the initial product (MVP) can be delivered much quicker than with traditional project management models, thus benefiting the client. This value proposition is based on AI Acceleration, Green Code, and Inetum Cloud Cost Management principles.

Empower projects with Design Thinking

The Design Thinking approach focuses on the needs of end users and their experiences. It enables development teams to design and deliver not only novel (and sometimes innovative) but, most importantly, functional solutions.

Using this method in IT projects can bring the following benefits:

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Join the path!

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