We have designed and implemented a highly efficient solution based on Microsoft Azure and Snowflake for our client, a green energy supplier. The combination of these cloud technologies allowed us to shorten data operations from a few hours to mere minutes and reduce costs by almost 30%.

A British company which develops sports betting platforms.

A project in the area of betting/gaming.

Supplier of engines for the civil aviation industry

We are developing a system that, by analyzing Big Data sets, improves condition monitoring of aircraft engines and enables the prevention of failures (Predictive Maintenance).

Leader in the Polish financial market.

The cooperation included both technological support services for internal teams of programmers and implementation services for dedicated applications. The project included the development of an application to support the detection of irregularities in the internal processes of the bank.

Leader in the Polish financial market

Solutions offered by as technologies as Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and image processing were used for verification of identity of users.

Leader in the Polish financial market

The goal of the project was to reduce the number of inquiries to the contact center and first line of support. The project involves eliminating the standard, simple keyword-based search chatbot mechanism and replacing it with more advanced mechanism based on a semantic search.

leading telecommunications corporation

The aim of the project was to build an access control layer to act as a secure authorization layer intermediating between the network management app and Internet Service Providers trying to obtain access to the telecommunications company’s fiber optic broadband.

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We are taking part in a greenfield fintech project aimed at creating an innovative solution dedicated to the banking sector, which is expected to change the face of the industry.