Apiary on the roof of the Katowice office

The main goal of the Inetum urban apiary is to educate and draw attention to the threats that are currently facing bees – mainly wild bees

Our apiary


Our apiary is two colonies of honey bees – depending on the period, there can be as many as tens of thousands of bees. The area around the apiary is a mini garden with honey plants.

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From the life of bees

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Measurement data

Our hives have been equipped with measurement data so that it is even more possible to “get into the hive” and see what is happening in the colonies. We test the temperature inside the hive, the humidity or even the frequency.
The equipment was provided by Intelligent Hives (https://inteligentneule.eu/)

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INhive Apiary

Our apiary is looked after by Michal Pilch, a software tester at Inetum, who is also a beekeeper (www.pasiekam3.pl)

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