Our services

Jamf Pro implementation

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We implement Jamf Pro along with accompanying tools and then integrate them with existing IT services (Apple Business Manager, Identity Providers (IdP), certification centers, and WiFi networks).

Management Support Services

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For existing environments, we offer Apple environment management services that introduce best practices, implement security policies, modify configurations based on changes in the dynamic Apple ecosystem, monitor device inventory, and solve ongoing challenges.

Consulting Services

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We help solve challenges related to managing Apple devices, including implementing modern identity verification methods on Apple devices, distributing certificates, and other non-standard issues.

Training Services

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We provide training on the management of macOS and iOS operating systems, as well as Jamf Pro. Our trainers have Apple and Jamf certification. They have led sessions during industry conferences such as JNUC (Jamf Nation User Conference) and MacAdmins meetup.

Patch Management

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Our service allows you automatically update third-party applications on Mac computers. This way, we increase the resilience of the environment to threats by eliminating potentially dangerous, outdated applications.

Migration Service between MDM

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We have our own solution that will help transfer management between MDM servers, considering a wide range of scenarios and MDM servers. The process for users is as simple as possible and eliminates the need for visiting IT department or device cleaning.

Managed services

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The service involves managing Apple device environment in a friendly and transparent financial model, where the price is correlated with the number of devices in the organization. It allows you to avoid costs associated with building IT solutions and infrastructure to support company development.

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They are one of the best in the industry. Their team of experts is highly knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of Mac device management, and they have always been willing to go above and beyond to ensure that my needs are met. What I appreciate most about this company is their commitment to customer satisfaction. They have always been responsive and attentive to my needs, and have worked tirelessly to ensure that any issues or concerns I have are addressed promptly and effectively.

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Customer from industry sector, Opinion from Apple Consultant Network

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Implementing many different services we had an opportunity to cooperate with different support teams. This partner is very professional. They are able to built customised solutions in a timely matter. Their openminded approach and customer oriented services make cooperation easy and greatly stand out from the competition.

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Customer from legal sector, Opinion from Apple Consultant Network



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Our expertise

Our team of Apple engineers and consultants, set up in 2015, delivers services for over 35,000 devices. The team has more than 70 projects to its credit, including 6 for financial institutions and banks.

Why should you trust us?

Unified Device Management

Our solutions are designed to manage a diverse range of devices, including Apple and non-Apple devices, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and simplifying the management of heterogeneous environments.

Effortless Device Enrollment and Configuration

We simplify the processes of enrollment and configuring devices with the necessary settings and restrictions, reducing the complexity and time spent on device configuration.

Data Protection and Compliance

Data protection is a priority, ensuring that sensitive data on Apple devices is secure which is particularly crucial in industries such as healthcare and finance. All devices are secure and compliant with relevant regulations, bringing peace of mind and reducing risk.

Up-to-Date Software

We manage software updates for Apple devices, ensuring that they are always running the latest and most secure versions.

Enhanced User Experience

A smooth User Experience across all devices is ensured, enhancing productivity and user satisfaction.

Minimized Device Downtime

We strive to minimize downtime and compatibility issues that can disrupt business operations, ensuring continuity and efficiency.

Support for Remote Work

We provide support for remote employees and manage their devices, making it easier to support a remote workforce.

Proved competencies

We are a certified business partner for the management and support of Apple device-based infrastructure.

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Our approach

Our projects start from defining requirements and customer’s expectations. We show a demo of an application, presenting solutions and capabilities in Apple devices management.

Then we prepare advanced security policies and implement additional integration with services in organization.

The last part of implementation consist in continuous delivery of verified applications updates as part of Patch Management and implementing systems for error and change management. Support services include early testing and environment verification based on beta version of operating system. We also create solutions for new requirements and provide troubleshooting services with 3rd line support.