Data – the essence of your positive digital transformation

Use business data to improve efficiency and launch new opportunities in all areas of your company! Inetum’s experts are helping to build data-driven, data-driven organizations that are constantly improving with intelligent analytics solutions.


The data analysis tools implemented by Inetum’s specialists are a competitive advantage, key to minimizing risks and improving the quality of services, and thus the ability to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Consulting services

You can consult with us on your data management and change management (management) ideas. We provide dedicated team or Product Owner support using the latest advances in data science.

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Data management

We help create a vision for data management and design the architecture of analytics solutions. We implement Data Governance, Master Data Management and Data Quality Management solutions.

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Comprehensive analytical solutions

We support the entire life cycle of the product – from design to implementation of the analytics solution and training in the area of data analytics. Our use of AI OPS potential provides our customers with solutions that enable not only historical analysis, but also predictive analysis.

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Business Intelligence Services

Our Business Intelligence consultants facilitate data analysis, including Big Data. We help create reports and analysis, facilitate planning and budgeting, and create data warehouses, including in the Azure cloud. Are you interested in data integration services from different sources? You can also contact us with this.

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The Promise of Inetum

Inetum provides comprehensive data analysis services tailored to your company’s needs and challenges. Our team of experts will deliver a functional analytics solution in less than 6 months , and our consultants will provide expertise and support at every stage of the project.

Data analysis services – why Inetum?

  • More than 15 years of experience in the development of analytical systems
  • Partner with leading data-driven companies, including those in the Aerospace and Telecom sectors
  • More than €250 million annual return on investment in data science projects
  • Partnerships with leading smart data solution providers such as Microsoft, SAP and Snowflake
  • Agile approach – quick feedback and better communication throughout the project
  • With 27,000 specialists around the world and a presence in 27 countries, we have the capabilities and knowledge to quickly create modern and quality analytical solutions.
  • Proven cloud competence – using the potential of the Azure cloud, we create scalable and flexible solutions – just what you need.
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Microsoft Power BI

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Azure Analytics services

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