Go to the cloud Azure

Successfully complete your transformation project by migrating your IT infrastructure on Azure

It is not easy today for a company to change and adapt. Speed is essential while we take into account the technical, human and financial aspects. To achieve this challenge Inetum offers customers GoToCloud which ensures and secures the transfer of your technical and application environments through a structured approach, based on strong expertise and specific tools combining innovation and market technologies. This migration is possible using the Inetum migration tool using a proven tailored approach as demonstrated by the successful feedback.


Successful digital transformation of your business using Azure Cloud:

  • Accelerate Time to Market of your projects,
  • Easily access innovation,
  • Restructure and secure your investments,
  • Optimize and adjust usage.

Concentrate on real priorities. 

Ideal Solution

An organisation, a methodology and innovative tools carried by the Inetum “Cloud Engine”

  • A migration tool ensures and secures the transfer of your technical environments and applications to Azure
  • An accompaniment beyond migration through a rich and evolving catalogue of managed services.

Advice, Expertise, migration. Optimisation. 

Desired Outcomes

Azure infrastructure adapts to the size of your organisation and your usage:

  • Reduce your TCO
  • Simplified access to innovation,
  • Improved productivity of applications and Managed Services,
  • Optimisation and adjustment of the use of technical and functional resources.

Successful transformation by the unique combination and “scale” counseling skills, integration, innovation and operating of Inetum. 

An organisation, methodology and specific tools carried by the Inetum “Cloud Engine”


  • Audit and analysis of your present situation
  • Definition models and deployment of services
  • Definition of plan for transformation
  • Change management
  • Study of the reversibility

Expertise in Architecture

  • Architecture definition
  • Azure
  • Solution rollout
  • Development of the catalogue
    of services (laas, Paas, Saas)
  • Financial monitoring
  • Definition of managed services


  • Evaluation of the perimeter
    for migration
  • Choice of the type of migration
  • Processing of applications
  • Deployment architectures

Optimisation of your Operations

  • Realisation of supervision and
  • Execution safety plans.
  • Monitoring and capacity planning
    and reporting
  • Optimization uses and
    costs (FinOps)
  • Using new services

Obtain successful digital transformation project by migrating its IT infrastructure on Azure
by combining “scale” consulting skills, expertise, integration, innovation and operating Inetum.


How Kubernetes works

Overview of common Kubernetes scenarios

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source orchestration software for deploying, managing and scaling containers. As applications grow to span multiple containers deployed across multiple servers, operating them becomes more complex. To manage this complexity, Kubernetes provides an open-source API that controls how and where those containers will run.

How Kubernetes works?

Kubernetes orchestrates clusters of virtual machines and schedules containers to run on those virtual machines based on their available compute resources and the resource requirements of each container. Containers are grouped into pods, the basic operational unit for Kubernetes, and those pods scale to your desired state.

Why use Kubernetes?

Kubernetes provides a way to schedule and deploy those containers – plus scale them to your desired state and manage their lifecycles. Use Kubernetes to implement your container-based applications in a portable, scalable and extensible way. As container apps are separate from their infrastructure, they become portable when you run them on Kubernetes. As Kubernetes scales applications according to your desired state, it automatically monitors and maintains container health.

Why is it worth combining the Kubernetes platform with DevOps practices?

Deliver code faster with CI/CD. Manage resources effectively with infrastructure as code. Accelerate the feedback loop with constant monitoring. Balance speed and security with DevOps. Employing DevOps practices in Kubernetes environments allows you to move quickly at scale with enhanced security.

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