Chatbot solution

– simple Build and Manage!

A powerful platform that optimizes building enterprise level Chat Bots and provides a robust and complete portal for it’s training and management by people with no coding skills.

What is Bot Foundry?

The Botfoundry solution is based on
a complete chatbot creation platform

This platform relies on a hybrid technological base and an administration tool designed for the customer’s business teams for greater autonomy in the management of bots.

It is simple to manage a bot?

Administration Portal

Botfoundry’s central tool is its administration portal. It allows your business teams to be independent on the management of the chatbot content during the run phase. It also has performance monitoring and log analysis tools for a continuous enrichment and improvement of content and relevance.

Industrialize the chatbot subject

The Factory was designed to democratize and streamline the Chatbot topic within a company. It allows you to create in just a few clicks new instances of empty Chatbot and their associated administration portals. Thanks to the Factory, you can quickly offer a Chatbot Service Line to your business teams.

Chatbots with pre-built content

These chatbots have relevant content pre-constructed to meet market needs in specific sectors. These chatbots are also adaptable and flexible on their content to be as close as possible to the customer’s business and identity. The actual offers proposed are on the following fields of activity:

  • Citizen relation for city halls
  • HR recruitment bot
  • Help Desk/Service Desk

How fast can I implement a bot?

A proven quick and efficient methodology for chatbot’s projects

What about features?


A great tool to deal with your FaQ’s based on the QnA Maker cognitive service from Microsoft.


Build your dialogs from our chatbuilder, and implement images links and videos in your decisional trees.


Create all your Intents and their associated entities and utterances for which you will have the possibility to define precise answers.


Thanks to our Formbuilder, create the list of informations the chatbot needs to collect and how it will ask the right questions at the right moment.


From the logs section, check the health of all the conversations and train or correct the questions or answers that need to be changed. From the feedback tab, verify the user satisfaction of the bot.


The analytics will help you see the general performances of the chatbot overtime and see what are its strengths and weak points.

How it is technically build?

A Solution on your Azure


The tools used for the natural language understanding of the solution are Microsoft Cloud Azure Cognitive services (NLP LUIS, QnA maker….). The Botfoundry solution is therefore a solution hosted on the Cloud.

Botfoundry clients can host the solution on their own cloud environments and be autonomous and independent on the monitoring of their solution. Otherwise Gfi as a CSP provider can host the solution in a SaaS mode

How can I get licensing?

Botfoundry proposes different levels of offers to adapt to your needs.

From a simple chatbot that you can create yourself, to chatbots with pre-filled and pre-trained content,
to a large-scale industrialization tool; Botfoundry offers a wide range of products to meet your needs as closely as possible.


Depending on your content, two different licenses are accessible:

Static Chatbot
only for FaQ chatbots and directed dialogs, quick and easy to implement.

  • Starter Kit
  • Admin/Monitoring Portal
  • Analytics
  • Interjections
  • FAQ Engine
  • Directed Dialog Engine
  • One shot licence price, includes maintenance

Dynamic Chatbot
For more complex use cases with dynamic interaction with external systems.

  • All Static Chatbot Features
  • Advanced Intents
  • Integration with External Systems
  • Requests and Actions
  • One shot licence price, includes maintenance


The Factory will enable you to create as many bots as you have needs.

  • The bot factory platform, includes maintenance and formation
  • Degressive price for each new bot: Each bot created on the factory has a degressive monthly price. The longer your bot lives the cheaper it is.
  • The Chatbot model inside the Factory is Dynamic
  • 1 Click Chatbot Instance Creation
  • Logical Groups of Bots
  • Global Tower of Control
  • The licence price of each bot in the factory is a monthly payment, degressive with time.


Chatbots “ready on the shelf” with pre-filled content.

  • A yearly license – possible hosting on the client’s cloud environments
  • A monthly flat rate to cover the Azure costs (not if hosted on the client’s cloud environments) to be decided during de project
  • Possible add on and services in option
  • The pricing can be slightly different depending the offer
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