We deliver projects remotely across Europe! Inetum has been working online for over 20 years delivering projects for its clients. We simply know how to do it.

Fixed process projects delivery

Taking responsibility for the project delivery. Bringing experience and innovation. Delivering optimal effects on every project stage.

Systems integration

Our technology experts and professionals are delivering wide range of integration platforms projects for both enterprise and open source.

Systems support and maintenance

Providing support and maintenance services by fulfilling strict SLAs and KPIs. Working accordingly to ITIL. Providing 24/7 services.

Systems outsourcing

Long term TCO optimization by taking responsibility for the full system service from support to new features analysis and delivery.

IT profs and teams outsourcing

Providing time and material services by IT professionals and whole teams delivery. Working both remote and at customer premisses.

Products R&D

Complete scrum teams delivery working on your products starting form concept through estimation and delivery to commercial launch.


In these technologies, we have an expert level!

We have dozens of specialists in the field of .NET and SharePoint Platforms in our team. They provide support for any project in which communication and multitasking are important. All this allows us to develop and manage web-friendly web applications and ensure adequate security. Examples of use: electronic document flow, employee management systems, internal portals, customer service portals.

We are able to create software that will handle the most complicated processes on the clients’ side – from banking systems, through logistics, insurance, aerospace, to strictly telecommunications solutions with this object-oriented programming language.

When we think about Cloud Computing …. We know that the team of our specialists will professionally deal with any cloud computing in the field of data processing. Cloud is freedom. We support clients in the selection of clouds, their configuration, maintenance and cost optimization. We are not foreign to private cloud solutions (operating directly at clients) as well as public cloud (operating on the basis of, for example, Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure), or so-called. hybrid – combining convenience and data security.

We have over a dozen specialists in the field of AngularJS, an open JavaScript-based frameworks. It was created thanks to Google! And today they support the creation and development of web applications, for example on a single page. Customers appreciate its advantages eg in customer service panels or managing various businesses from the level of a web browser

In terms of Data Base, we have a dozen specialists who will deal with every schema, table, SQL query, ODBC, JDBC. We work on extensive databases, ensuring business development in various areas in which our clients work. We provide support from a low database level to the so-called database-management system (DBMS), in order to simplify the management of the resources they have collected.

Mediation is a topic that is used by several dozen specialists. They combine and convert various resources – operating continuously to provide, for example, telecommunications customers with an integrated billing process. Thanks to this, operators can join new services without having to worry about settling their end users. Avoiding technological problems in the clients’ business is our main goal.

Without mobile applications we can no longer imagine life. These seem to be small, installed in smartphones – programs, they add incredible performance, functionality, and sometimes entertainment. In our team, several people are fluent in mobile technologies, creating mobile software for clients and developing crazy concepts on Android or iOS platforms.

Internet of Things (IoT) are technologies and solutions that are the eye of our few specialists. They know all the secrets of connecting devices in very different areas of the market. Intelligent electricity, water, gas and smart fridges, washing machines and warehouse automation – we face such challenges every day. We also develop and program entire embedded systems.

When we think about Big Data solutions, we know that there is a team of specialists in this field on our board. They will face with success every challenge of processing huge data resources. And as you know, the data is gold of the XXI century and to achieve next levels of business development, you must be able to efficiently develop huge data ranges. We are very good at this! Databases, files, mass reports from sensors and analysis devices are our natural working environment with Big Data.

Machine-to-machine technology (M2M) – devices that communicate with each other, by reporting states and making decisions on their own – it’s a task for over a dozen experts in our team. They can undertake both the implementation of the new communication system (M2M) or take over and optimize the currently used. M2M are solutions for logistics, warehousing, remote control, supervision of deliveries and receipts, fleet management and telemedicine.

In the VoIP (voice over IP) range, we have specialists who, using the advantages of this technology, combine various services of our clients. Voice and multimedia transmission over the Internet Protocol (IP) is today a standard and a great way to optimize communication costs. We connect not only VoIP telephones on desks, but also dedicated PC, mobile or applications that work only in web browsers.

There would be no great software for our clients if it were not for a closely supervised code production process and its continuous testing. Over a dozen specialists watch over all of this. Software Quality Assurance (SQA) ensures that we use the right technologies in the right way and thus gain time! And this process covers the entire cycle: collection of requirements, software design, coding, control codes, configuration, usability tests, migration and implementations as well as analysis, measurements and periodic validation verifications.

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