Customer Experience Platforms

Digital experience counts!

Telecoms are in transformation process since a number of years, in order to secure their revenues jeopardized by OTT players. It is commonly understood that core business of communications enablement (network exposure) may be successful when combining with the customer experience. This is in turn can be supported by number of systems processing customers’ data (like CRM, Self Service, Complain Management Systems, Loyalty Systems, Multiple Sales Channels etc.).

Inetum helps its communications customers in transforming their existing IT ecosystems into efficient platforms automating customer service processes and leveraging higher revenues coming from additional sales of digital (not-traditional telecom) services.


  • Multi-channel customer service
  • Complex customer care
  • Customer 360 view
  • Automated proposal creation tailored to the customer profile
  • Ready to upsell variety of digital services

Supports processes

  • Customer driven transformation
  • Sales processes automation
  • Artificial Intelligence to support customer behavior monitoring
  • Making ready to introduce VR – Virtual Reality i AR – Augmented Reality


Kamil Straziński

From the beginning of my career, I have been associated with the IT industry, and for over 4 years I have been working directly with the client. I focus my activities on the Scandinavian market and the BI area, for which I provide highly qualified teams of specialists.

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