We Take Your Legacy and On-prem Systems to the Future

Are you fed up with long software releases? Days? Weeks? Months? Plus every time the process is not repeatable, further increasing development & integration efforts? Why not change and redesign your architecture to be leaner, and ready for  #DigitalTransformation #DeliveryAutomation, #Microservices, #RemoteDevelopment Try #OpenLegacy

Why us?

  • Mainframes
  • Mid-range Applications
  • Databases
  • Other Core Systems

Process support

  • Digital Transformation
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Modern Technologies

Why OpenLegacy?

  • Create modern and standard APIs in hours vs. weeks/months
  • Non-intrusive solution –no changes to the core applications
  • No ‘vendor lock-in’ –use as long as you need it
  • No proprietary runtimeenvironment
  • Using standard approach Java & DevOps methodologies
  • Flexibility-All code is available and can leverage open source technologies
  • Charging per SDK / API that are used in Production (annual fix price option is available)
  • No limitation on number of environments, developers or traffic
  • The same approach is applicable to all core applications

Do you keep hearing that your system is “legacy”, that it’s “complicated”, and that it will take a long time to implement a change? We know that your legacy systems are extremely valuable because they are at the core of your business. GFI will help you quickly launch innovative digital services by extending your legacy and on-prem systems to the web, mobile and cloud in days or weeks versus months.

We have a model for providing simple solutions to complex problems.


Problems We Solve for Our Clients


Takes too long to create digital services

Scattered Technologies

Need to unify standards across multiple legacy stacks

Technical Debt

New microservices and API
projects add to technical debt

Migration Strategy

Need less costly, risk migration plan for future & innovate today

Legacy vs. DevOps

Legacy related projects are not aligned with DevOps

Time to Market

Accelerate new digital/ omnichannels, lock in customer loyalty


Monika Łuszczak

Monika Łuszczak

I have several years of experience in sales of IT solutions and services for the financial sector. Together with the team of experienced specialists and IT enthusiasts, I help to provide the most optimal solutions for the clients. I support customers in a whole process of projects (selection of solutions, development, implementation, optimalisation, maintenance). I help to make customer’s vision come true.

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