Know Your Customer

Get to know your customer well!

The Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure involves the identification of customers, the acquisition of specific data – particularly negative – for the purpose of risk assessment and the risk assessment itself. Financial institutions are obliged to carry out this procedure in order to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

The kdprevent™ Platform supports these processes, which has been tested by our clients in different countries.


  • Defining risk assessment algorithms
  • Configurable risk assessment forms
  • Cyclical customer assessment
  • Preview of customer information
  • Dedicated reports
  • Auditability of the process

Process support

  • Onboarding of customers
  • Risk management
  • AML and Terrorist Financing Prevention Processes
  • Audit processes


Wolfgang Veith

My focus at Inetum is to provide compliance solutions for financial institutions and corporations. I analyze the needs of the customers and offer tailor-made solutions, through the kdprevent Platform. Furthermore, I can point out the strategy for a long-term orientation of a professional compliance organization.