Fraud file

Getting valuable information

Cooperation with customers also means obtaining information about them. Effective use of this information requires a tool that will allow for classification of information, building relations between individual entries, documenting the source of information and their quick analysis. Such a database is often confidential information, therefore it is important to precisely define the access to particular types of data.

AntiFraud Hub system has a dedicated module for managing information about customers and employees, which combines all these features and allows for their use in decision making.


  • Management of data subjects
  • Black and white ad-hoc letters, e.g. trusted accounts, restricted documents, high-risk entities
  • Management of geolocation data
  • Management of information categories
  • Management of rights to particular types of information
  • Fuzzy matching in search

Process support

  • Managing negative information
  • Analysis of anti-fraud of transactions and credit applications
  • Decision-making processes
  • Investigative analytics


Wolfgang Veith

My focus at Inetum is to provide compliance solutions for financial institutions and corporations. I analyze the needs of the customers and offer tailor-made solutions, through the kdprevent Platform. Furthermore, I can point out the strategy for a long-term orientation of a professional compliance organization.