Digital Contact Channels

Information exchange in one tool

The new regulations on the market introduce a number of additional obligations, which is why we try to provide our Customers with solutions that will allow them to quickly implement, optimize costs and focus on the business process.

If you are looking for a tool that can be quickly implemented and configured on your own, which will allow you to exchange information in one tool, this is exactly what our survey system is all about. Modular solution works where decisions need to be made and with audited rules on how to verify. It is a complex process of comparing the thesis with a list of features/preferences or criteria.

Why us?

  • Experience – gained on projects that have been implemented for almost 20 years.
  • Decision engine – based on business strategies and rules built in a simple graphical interface by business
  • Tools – a modular solution, flexibly customized to business needs

Process support

  • Introduction of regulations, support of processes introduced by new regulations, which require authenticated contact with the Customer.
  • Communication from Customers such as: surveys, suggestions, inquiries submitted in accordance with the map of criteria.
  • Market research.
  • Internal communication in companies, introduction of elements of interactive communication, collecting feedback on suggestions and needs.


Małgorzata Mierzwa-Trybuła

For over 6 years I have been providing comprehensive sales of IT solutions in the field of software development, cost reduction, quality improvement and system performance for customers in the SMB sector, the financial industry, as well as international customers. At Inetum, I deliver compliance solutions based on the kdPrevent platform. I support clients in effective detection of financial fraud, anti-money laundering and compliance with regulatory requirements, such as IV AML Directive, sanction letters, international regulations. In my work I value long-term partner relationships.

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