Case Management

Manage alarms, tasks and issues

If you need a tool to manage tasks, alarms and other types of notifications then Alerter can be what you are looking for.

Alerter will easily fit into your business processes:

  • accepts documents from the scanner
  • send the task to be performed and notify him/her about it
  • shows the details of the invoice and allows you to accept it
  • allows you to send the report to the boss to accept it

Alerter means quick implementation, a wide range of configurations and ease of use. We will be happy to organize a demo and show you how easy it is to deploy Alerter in your company.


  • Configurable types of requests and data
  • Any extended workflow with its own actions and conditions
  • Extended system of rights
  • Modern user interface (browser)
  • Full history of changes in submissions
  • Tagging cases
  • Easy document generation
  • Rich API

Process support

  • Support for alerts generated by security systems
  • Management of tasks in working groups
  • Handling court cases
  • Automation of document flow, including incoming correspondence
  • Invoice and order reconciliation process
  • Complaint handling
  • Recruitment processes in HR
  • Knowledge base


Wolfgang Veith

My focus at Inetum is to provide compliance solutions for financial institutions and corporations. I analyze the needs of the customers and offer tailor-made solutions, through the kdprevent Platform. Furthermore, I can point out the strategy for a long-term orientation of a professional compliance organization.