Anti-Money Laundering

AntiFraud – AML – Compliance

We have several years of experience in the development of systems preventing money laundering and detecting external and internal fraud. The kdprevent™ Platform is our flagship solution to counteract money laundering and terrorism financing. It has been implemented in several countries around the world, in over 50 institutions.

The automated solution is designed to detect unusual, unexpected and suspicious activities. Once detected, it automatically sends warnings to those responsible, usually managers in charge of business relations and compliance staff.

kdprevent™ platform


  • Analysis of both a single transaction and a set of related transactions that took place in a given period of time
  • Automatic detection and interruption of suspicious transactions (e.g. SWIFT, SEPA, SIC, etc.) and real-time notification
  • Generating alerts for detected suspicious situations
  • Real-time analysis of all AML risks based on customer-specific risk models. Our system allows for different levels of analysis, e.g. branches, units and customer managers.
  • A Relationship Analyzer that allows you to explore potentially suspicious or unknown relationships that exist between customers, borrowers or accounts (e.g. cash flow).

Process support

  • Monitoring of transactions
  • Onboarding of customers
  • PEP verification
  • Risk assessment
  • Reporting and statistics


Małgorzata Mierzwa-Trybuła

For over 6 years I have been providing comprehensive sales of IT solutions in the field of software development, cost reduction, quality improvement and system performance for customers in the SMB sector, the financial industry, as well as international customers. At Inetum, I deliver compliance solutions based on the kdPrevent platform. I support clients in effective detection of financial fraud, anti-money laundering and compliance with regulatory requirements, such as IV AML Directive, sanction letters, international regulations. In my work I value long-term partner relationships.

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