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Our solutions for the financial industry


Monitor a wide range of customer activities to identify suspicious activities. Satisfy a variety of compliance requirements and meet national and international legal requirements and standards.

Fraud prevention

Preventing fraud by analyzing who you are dealing with, your creditworthiness and historical activities.

Portals and mobile solutions

Creation and support mobile and web applications in electronic banking, customer service platforms, user’s portals, electronic document workflow and case management.

Business Intelligence

We offer BI analysis tools supporting business processes: analyzes, reports, sales – supporting interactive dashboards and data visualization.

IT Outsourcing

We provide complex project implementation: analysis and consulting, implementation, support and maintenance. Experience in innovative solutions.

IT System Support

We offer IT audits, integration projects, system support and maintenance services, including Legacy. We provide optimization of costs and processes.


We operate in the areas of Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery: processes automation and monitoring of IT environments,  microservices.

RPA – Robotic Process Automation

RPA relies on processes automation like reading, entering and processing of data. The robot operates autonomously on the basis of prepared rules for the implementation of tasks.

Machine Learning

Our services allow for predictive analysis and pattern recognition, based on big data, algorithms and statistical models – full process optimization.


Innovations in the financial industry – task automation using artificial intelligence, analytics, microservices and using blockchain.


Create modern and standard APIs in hours vs. weeks/months. Non-intrusive solution –no changes to the core applications. No ‘vendor lock-in’ –use as long as you need it.


When you need to ensure safety

Anti-Money Laundering

Analyzes financial data and detects suspicious operations, informs analysts through appropriate alerts and reports.

Sanctions filtering

Analysis of entities in terms of presence on sanctions lists and PEP, including official lists of regulators (eg OFAC, EU) as well as own internal lists.

Prevention of terrorism financing

Fill international regulations regarding verification of senders and recipients of transactions with sanctions lists.

Securities compliance

Monitor transactions in securities and derivatives. Reduce the risk associated with employee transactions and trading using confidential information.

Risk management

Assessment and monitoring of risk levels for various processes and operations, including on-boarding, periodic reviews, transactions.

Know Your Transaction

Thanks to Know Your Transaction (KYT), you can look in detail at transactions in compliance processes.

Know Your Customer

Apply our solution (KYC) to analyze who you are dealing with and enable you to smoothly introduce new customers.

Fraud file

Collect information about your clients and employees. Define black and white ad-hoc lists, support for geolocation data.

Application fraud

Prevention of credit fraud by assessing the credibility of applicants using national sources (BIK, LOPLG, SWOZ, …), fraud file and historical data.

Transaction fraud

Real-time transaction monitoring for fraudulent traits. Block suspicious transactions and notify appropriate services.

Web fraud

Collect information about customer activity on the web channel to build its profile and use it in fraud prevention processes.


Accelerate deployment using ready-made solutions

kdprevent™ Platform

The kdprevent platform is a cross-sector solution, which addresses issues like Anti-Money Laundering, Regulatory compliance, operational risks and security of online transactions

AntiFraud Hub

AntiFraud Hub is a fraud prevention platform covering such areas as credit application, internal, web and transaction.

Case Management

Our Case Management system is ideal for organizations that need flexible workflows, extended authorization management, configurable fields and forms, and easy integration with external systems.

Business Process Automation

We simplify automation of your repeatable tasks. With our robots you may integrate applications and processes without modifying them.

Decision Engine

Fast, flexible and scalable Decision Engine allows to separate business logic from the core application and adapt it to changing regulations.


Our solution allows to define and apply scoring logic to your data. Quickly score your Customers, transactions and applications with our Decision Engine.

Digital Contact Channels

Enables secure communication with the Customers in order to collect from them additional information, statements and conclusions. Surveys function sends to the Customer a link to the browser, processes responses and sends feedback. An effective tool for assessing the “Investor’s Profile” according to MiFID II.

Digital workflow

A system of digitalization of business processes to manage cases or incidents, e.g. by managing the flow of related documents.  The system makes it possible to mark e.g. filtering, tracking, alert settings. It contains extensive reporting data and the ability to scan documents (OCR function).

Digital and automated compliance

The solution applies to all business processes that require a business decision and its subsequent verification. It supports the process of: placing orders, receiving deliveries and verifying and matching invoices for a given order.

Traviata CRM

Build a 360-degree view of every customer in insurance market. Software supports the channel from broker/insurance company to end customer, as well as the broker-insurer combination. Complete tool that, apart from sales monitoring, also has a marketing aspect in order to prepare campaigns and business plans for brokers.

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