The Aerospace industry is one of the most fully surrounded by IT technologies that change its face!


Technology is constantly changing. Having our own test solutions and IT laboratory, we are able to deliver or modify existing systems - faster and more efficiently.

Aerospace information systems

When knowledge about the status of, for example, a particular aircraft, on-board devices, etc. is essential and in real time, we will find a systemic solution.

Maintenance systems

We provide constant support and care in the field of aviation systems and increase their safety.

IoT monitoring systems

Elements of the Internet of Things today provide the necessary knowledge in the functioning of the Aerospace business. We provide ready-made IoT platforms dedicated to this industry.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and predicting systems

The analysis of millions of samples of data, billions of statuses of devices in aviation would not have been possible without the Artificial Intelligence solutions. Our systems are ready to anticipate future events.

Systems migration

In the situation of the need to migrate systems to newer solutions, or to export large data resources, we have many years of experience in resource migrations in the Aerospace sector.


Christopher Gray

Extensive experience leading integration, presales and business development activities across a diverse range of new technologies. Currently focusing on supporting our customers with software development, integration, IT cloud migration, and leveraging big data processing techniques in a CICD environment. UK based with a global perspective!

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