Remote bank account opening process

Leader in the Polish financial market

Country: Poland

Sector: FinTech

Area: Machine Learning

Remote bank account opening process

Solutions offered by as technologies as Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and image processing were used for verification of identity of users.

Project description

The aim of the project was to create a mechanism allowing users to open a bank account without visiting it. The project is based on modern solutions such as Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. The main challenge in the project was to create a system allowing for user identity verification, consisting of:

  • Integration with external solutions allowing for identity verification based on other banking systems as identity providers via bank transfer,
  • Artificial Intelligence solutions (Computer Vision + ConvNets) to validate documents based on their templates, photos of persons, and verify documents expiration dates,
  • Technology used to verify the correctness of customers signatures collected during meeting with a courier – a method of identity verification delegated to Poczta Polska.


Python, SQL, Bash, Hadoop Data Lake (HDFS, Apache Hive Spark), Apache Kafka, GBU Servers

About the client

The company is a leader in the Polish financial market, providing services to individual clients, companies and institutions. Due to the versatility, it has a diverse group of customers. The company develops online and mobile banking solutions.

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