Intelligent search engine for chatbot

Leader in the Polish financial market

Country: Poland

Sector: FinTech

Area: Machine Learning

Intelligent search engine for chatbot

The goal of the project was to reduce the number of inquiries to the contact center and first line of support. The project involves eliminating the standard, simple keyword-based search chatbot mechanism and replacing it with more advanced mechanism based on a semantic search.

Project description

The designed solution first and foremost uses NLP algorithms. The new chatbot uses Deep Learning mechanisms that allow it to expand its knowledge base. This way, based on the analysis of the answers provided by the consultants, the system generates answers to previously unknown questions.

The solution is still in the research and development phase.


Python, SQL, Bash, Hadoop Data Lake (HDFS, Apache Hive Spark), Apache Kafka, GBU Servers

About the client

The company is a leader in the Polish financial market, providing services to individual clients, companies and institutions. Due to the versatility, it has a diverse group of customers. The company develops online and mobile banking solutions.

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