Our services

Assessment and Discovery

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Our cloud experts conduct a thorough assessment of the client’s IT infrastructure, applications, and workloads, identifying potential blockers to cloud transition and proposing a migration scenario.

Plan and Decide

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We collaborate with the client to understand their business needs, aligning the migration plan with their strategic objectives and developing a detailed migration plan that caters to their specific needs and goals

Design and Migrate or Innovate

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Our certified Cloud Architects develop a detailed roadmap for the client’s cloud journey, handling all aspects of the migration to Azure and offering solutions for lift-and-shift, refactoring, or creating new cloud-native applications.

Optimize and Automate

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Once the client’s applications are on Azure platform, we optimize the environment for maximum performance and cost efficiency and automate common tasks and processes.

Cloud Governance

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We establish a robust cloud governance framework for the client, implementing security measures, setting up role-based access controls, and establishing cost management practices.

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They have highly-competent developers on board, who are also very good people. They are engaged, know what are doing and approach new things with flexibility. I am very proud of this cooperation.

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Natalia Sawicka, Engineering Manager, Backbase

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We challenged them with an production system they were unfamiliar with, but they have adapted very well. They are patient, bring thoughtful recommendations and move things in the right direction.

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Head of Digital Operations, Bystronic

It’s not just the end result that matters

The end result cannot overshadow the efficiency of the process that allowed it to be achieved. For us, every aspect of developing infrastructure and migrating solutions to the cloud is crucial. This way we do not expose our clients to unnecessary costs or application downtime.

Why is it worth?

Strategic Planning & Business Process Improvement

We align the cloud migration plan with the client’s strategic objectives, enhancing agility and improving business processes.

Increased Agility & Scalability

We leverage cloud solutions to improve the client’s adaptability and competitiveness in response to market changes and customer demands. Our service allows clients to easily scale their IT infrastructure to meet changing business needs, ensuring cost-effective resource utilization.

Smooth Migration

We ensure a seamless transition of applications and data to Azure, managing all aspects of the migration to reduce the burden on the client’s teams.

Cost and Performance Optimization

We optimize the client’s Azure environment for maximum performance and cost efficiency, leveraging resource optimization, automated scaling, and efficient utilization of cloud services.

Cloud Governance

We establish a tailored cloud governance framework for the client, ensuring effective, efficient, and secure management of cloud resources.

Innovation and Future-Proofing

We help clients leverage advanced Azure technologies to drive innovation and maintain competitiveness.

Expert Support & Filling the Skills Gap

We provide ongoing expert support and guidance throughout the client’s cloud journey, resolving issues and navigating complexities of cloud migration and management. We provide experienced cloud engineers and architects, along with training and support, to enhance the client’s team’s Azure management skills.

Expert opinion

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“The cloud offers many advantages, such as dynamic scaling up and down and reducing maintenance costs by shifting responsibility for operating system updates to the cloud provider. However, moving on-premise solutions to the cloud needs a well-thought-out strategy and appropriate modifications to take advantage of the entire potential of the technology.”

Marek Dobkowski

Cloud Practice Leader Inetum Polska

Proved competences

The foundation of our cloud migration services is a team of over 20 consultants and solution architects in the Microsoft Azure environment.

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Our approach

We start cooperation with the client by first understanding their motivations, needs, business goals, and priorities. Based on this, we work together to create a plan and select migration or optimization scenarios.

We take care so that employees get provided with knowledge and acquired best practices, we also create clear and transparent project documentation, choose tools, define processes, and use automation.
Throughout the process, we guide the client, jointly building a strategy to manage and develop their cloud infrastructure.

In accordance with agile methodologies, we conduct the migration process to the Microsoft Azure environment, maximizing the delivered value and performance of the created cloud infrastructure.

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