Take advantage of the flexibility offered by our teams of IT professionals

We build and provide support for dedicated development and service teams. We base our service delivery strategy on partner relationships, understanding of the client’s business and high standards of communication. The base for the creation of dedicated teams is formed by more than 800 IT specialists employed in our organization in Poland, whose competence covers the entire process of the software life cycle.

Software development services provided by IT teams

Our mission is to provide high-quality software development services, so in building our team structure we rely on our experts’ experience, domain knowledge, technological competence, but also soft skills. This approach allows us to deliver solutions and meet clients’ business objectives in an agile and tailored manner.

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Entrust your application development project to one of our specialized teams.


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Comprehensive support for development teams

Hire a development team of engineers to take care of the front-end and back-end of your application or one of the microservices of the platform you are building. Each team we create has support from staff who ensure a good understanding of the client’s needs, high motivation within the team, and practices and standards to ensure agility. In addition, each of our teams can be extended as required to include additional competencies in the areas of business analysis, software testing or DevOps.

High communication standards


We are committed to building long-term client relationships in which flexibility and quality of service delivery are key aspects for us. In order to ensure the right level of these qualities, effective communication is essential, which we ensure through training and language courses.

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Accelerate your project

Reduce the time to deliver future versions of your solution with a dedicated development team. Together we will find a leader who has the right domain knowledge for the development of your solution, and then build a complete team of developers.

Focus on your business

Don’t hesitate to delegate projects and tasks that can be done for you by an external team of IT professionals. Take care of the core business of your business and we will take care of the rest.

Free up your resources

Let your employees focus on things that are critical to the operation and growth of your organization by delegating some of their responsibilities to our dedicated IT team.

Share the risk

Reduce project risks associated with employee turnover and unforeseen absences by transferring them to our organization. We will take care of the required level of labor intensity and quality of our team’s work, taking on any costs associated with replacing people in the project, vacations or sick leave.

Gain time

Don’t waste your time building a complete, ideal development team. Start the software development process now and see if your own team will even need you.


Cooperation model

Typically, cooperation with us starts with the outsourcing of a few specialists. The number of teams and their members can grow or shrink, depending on the current needs of your company. The scalability of outsourcing cooperation is one of its most important advantages.

We provide teams based on a strategy developed over the years, thanks to which we are able to build a complete IT team within a few weeks. In the first stage, we find a leader together with the client who has the right domain knowledge and a high level of communication and management skills. Within a few weeks, we deliver candidates who form a close-knit team with all the competences for effective software delivery.

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At Inetum, we are particularly concerned with the quality of our employees’ cooperation with our customers. Therefore, we attach particular importance to a properly conducted onboarding process. This process aims to define the expectations of both parties, the objectives and the principles of cooperation in the project.


Objectives of onboarding:


  • To introduce employees to the services provided and the responsibilities of both parties,
  • setting up the working environment,
    provision of complete documentation,
  • Quality Assurance, i.e. establishment of quality control principles,
  • joint establishment of a work plan by the client and specialists.


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