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See how we work every day!


A solid support package!

Convenient form of employment – employment contract or long-term contract.

Employment in a dynamically developing organization, in teams of professionals, without rigid corporate procedures.

Sports actions: Bike2Work and volleyball training. In the case of an employment contract, co-financing of sports and cultural activities.

Participation in interesting projects with the use of modern technologies, in an international environment.

Breakfast cereals and vitamins on fruit days. In case of an employment contract, we provide private medical care and insurance for life.

We promote best practices of programming craftsmanship, including: writing clear code, emphasis on code testability, design patterns.

Attractive market salary and always on time!

Friendly working environment, content-related support and internal training.

Flexible working time, adapted to the needs of employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We've tested in practice that helping is a great motivator!


The bike2work program encourages our employees to spend time actively on their way to and from work. All this makes us a harmonious, interesting and professional team.

Szlachetna Paczka

We also participate in organizing a Szlachetna Paczka for families who are in a more difficult situation. All employees take part in the action, because it gives us a lot of positive energy.

Special actions!

When Nepal was hit by the tragedy, we decided to ride our bikes to convert the ridden kilometres into financial aid for the people who suffer.


We encourage you to work together for ecology. Fulfilling our mission we stopped buying water in plastic bottles. We believe that each such activities will have a positive impact on our Planet.


We play with the Orchestra until the end of the world and one day longer! We say “siema” such great initiatives to help other people. It’s not only collecting money in a can, but also showing your heart in every situation.


Lots of positive activities!

We pay a lot of attention to physical activity, e.g. we organize groups taking part in races – marathons, half marathons, etc. Remembering that not all of our employees are in favour of sport, we also take part in the Bike2Work program, improving our condition and minimizing air pollution.

We are also familiar with water adventures 🙂 Among our employees you will find enthusiastic sailors and fans of gusts of wind in every form!

Our integration meetings involve the whole team in an energetic way, which gives the feeling that everyone is mutually needed during the integration tasks. An evening campfire or dinner usually end our party.








See how we work every day!

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