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Technical and Functional System Documentation Analysis

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We conduct a comprehensive review of functional documentation, technical specifications, internal configuration documents, databases, user manuals, testing procedures, etc.

System Management Tools Analysis

app mgmt analyse tools - Application Management Services

We verify the availability of monitoring, testing, management, and maintenance tools and examine them, ensuring that the team has the necessary skills to use them.

System History Analysis

app mgmt analyse history - Application Management Services

We review the system’s history, including errors, failures, changes, patches, and development. This can help us understand its current state and anticipate future challenges.

Knowledge Transfer Planning

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We take care of the quality of documentation and implement processes to transfer knowledge and experience from the team that previously maintained the system. This allows us to minimize the risk of information loss.

Maintenance Schedule Preparation

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Based on the system’s history analysis and client requirements, we create a schedule for the system maintenance project, specifying the planned work and scope of service with deadlines.

Change Management Process Planning

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We implement planning and managing changes necessary for preventing errors that may occur when introducing new features or patches.

Reporting and Monitoring Process Preparation

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We set up reporting and monitoring solutions to provide insight into system’s performance and identify potential problems or failures.

Disaster Recovery Plan Preparation

app mgmt restoration - Application Management Services

Our specialists prepare a disaster recovery plan that should include system restoration processes in case of a failure as well as testing emergency procedures. This way, we minimize the impact of failures on the client’s operations.

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In the first 9 months, we conducted 2 successful project implementations at clients. Both on time and with the expected scope. For both projects, we received very positive feedback, not only on the delivered product, but also on the cooperation between the client and our teams.

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FinTech Software Provider, Site Leader

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Our employees positively evaluated the cooperation and appreciated their commitment. That’s why we decided to partially delegate project management to teams, which make their own decisions on how to carry out tasks on an ongoing basis.

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Jakub Kaczmarski, Technology Director, Allegro

Why you can entrust your application management services to us

Enhanced Productivity

Our service ensures improved system performance, allowing our clients’ teams to work more efficiently. By optimizing system performance, we help boost productivity and streamline operations.

Proactive Problem Solving

By reviewing the system’s history, we can anticipate future challenges and proactively address them, reducing the likelihood of system failures and downtime.

Continuity of Service

Our knowledge transfer planning ensures continuity of service, minimizing the risk of information loss when transitioning from the previous maintenance team.

Minimized Downtime

Our team of specialists is adept at promptly diagnosing and resolving issues. By carefully planning change management processes, we reduce the risk of system failures and downtime associated with system changes.

Predictable Maintenance

A maintenance schedule we prepare brings predictability, allowing our clients to plan maintenance activities and minimize disruption.

Tailored Maintenance Plans

We create maintenance schedules based on each client’s specific requirements, ensuring that maintenance activities align with their business needs and objectives.

Robust Data Security

We implement robust data security measures, protecting our clients’ businesses from data breaches and cyberattacks. Our commitment to data protection safeguards our clients’ valuable information and results in their trust.

Insightful System Monitoring

We prepare reporting and monitoring solutions that provide valuable insights into system operation, helping to identify potential problems or failures early.

Reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery

We implement and manage backup and disaster recovery solutions, ensuring that our clients can quickly recover in the event of a disaster. Our reliable solutions protect our clients’ valuable data and ensure business continuity.

Cost Optimization

We help our clients optimize their technology spending. The data and insights provided by our reporting and monitoring processes inform decision-making, helping to guide system development and improvement.

Transparency and Accountability

Inetum offers a service delivery model that guarantees a comprehensive vision and accountability: control and monitoring of the advanced service and integral operational management.

This way, we ensure the quality and consistency of all the activities that are performed on the systems, regardless of who initiates them and who performs them. We work with a common goal and in a coordinated manner.


Entrust your application development project to one of our specialized teams.


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Proved Competencies

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Our approach

Takeover of the application service

The application service takeover methodology developed by Inetum Poland is distinguished by its industrial approach to delivering IT services with high-quality standards, and committed, collaborative, and innovative management.

With extensive experience in application management and broad business knowledge, we ensure data security at every stage of cooperation.

Together with the client, we create a continuous improvement plan that includes both processes and expectations for services and design.

Scaling application management services

At the next stages of cooperation, we offer service scaling, by which we mean adding more systems/applications to the service. The aim of this measure is to reduce the time to incorporate more applications into the service and maintenance costs while keeping the same quality of service.

This approach allows us to deepen domain knowledge, as well as to build specialized technology teams. Thanks to this, we effectively reduce maintenance costs both on the part of the ordering party and Inetum.

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