Software development projects with the quality you expect

Whether you’re a digital solutions provider looking to develop new functionality, an executive at a company that creates dedicated software to streamline your own processes, or the founder of a start-up with an amazing idea on how to make the world a better place, with our talented developers you can achieve exceptional results.

Comprehensive application and information systems development services

In cooperation, it is important for us to have a partnership and find a common language with the client, so we implement projects using proven software development methods, such as Scrum and DevOps, which improve communication and influence Time to Market, and allow our clients to maintain control over the implementation of IT projects.

We carry out software development projects including:


  • Design and development of web applications,
  • Mobile application design and development,
  • Design and development of information systems,
  • PoC and MVP projects,
  • Development of digital products and platforms,
  • Dedicated solutions for e-commerce.
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Develop your IT project using the know-how and experience of our teams

Help us better understand project needs along with business expectations and technology requirements of the organization. See what results you can achieve with our agile and transparent software delivery processes.


We place great emphasis on properly defining project requirements. With a good understanding of customer and end-user needs, we provide quality communication. This approach has allowed us to implement hundreds of advanced systems and complete solutions and provide maintenance services for most of them.


In more than 30 years of operation, we have accumulated the experience and knowledge to develop, integrate, maintain and support global IT systems and business tools. We design and implement, among other things. Web and mobile applications, cloud solutions, DevOps processes, software testing, business intelligence platforms, Big Data solutions and business process automation processes. We also implement projects based on technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Learn about our approach!

Customer business in the spotlight

We care about your success, so we place great emphasis on listening and responding to your project needs at every stage of the software development cycle.

Support from a dedicated team

Regardless of the demand in the project, we provide support from a dedicated operations team. It is made up of a Sales Representative, Team Manager and Delivery Manager who will guide your project to achieve the desired business results.


We focus on transparency in our operations both within the organization and in our cooperation with customers. We value openness, honesty and partnership. Our processes are collections of best practices developed over the years, which we are happy to share and make available through collaboration.

Risk sharing

The signing of the agreement is the first step for us to establish cooperation. True partnership means sharing responsibility for the product and the results achieved by the customer. We provide support for risk assessment and management, as well as monitor performance and do everything possible to deliver a final product that meets expectations.


Delivering business value to customers within the intended time and budget is our mission. Executing this approach is a guarantee of achieving high satisfaction with services and a way to build long-term relationships.

Quality first

Clean and easily scalable code and error prevention are key to a successful software development process. Our quality policy is based on high standards and best practices, as well as the experience of our developers and Quality Assurance team. Our collaborative methodologies reduce the risks and costs of our projects.

Added value

The management methods, best practices and technologies brought to the project by our specialists allow us to achieve unexpected added value. We strive to deliver even more because we are hard-working, enterprising and curious. You will benefit from our know-how, excellent processes and above-average communication skills.


Whether you need the help of several developers, a development team, consulting or implementation services, you can count on support provided through several cooperation models. We are aware of how important it is for our customers to be able to adapt quickly to changing requirements and take quick action to scale a project.

Project management standards

  • Technical leaders responsible for the company’s development in a particular technology area
  • Certified Project Managers who communicate in English
  • Best project management and communication tools (TFS, Jira, Basecamp, Confluence, Webex, Slack, Teams, etc.).
  • Internal project lifecycle management
  • Internal system for time reporting
  • Defined processes integrated with systems such as Dynamics 365 and Jira
  • Internal error tracking tools (Mantis, Customer Desk, Jira)
  • Process modeling (e.g. Visio, Axure RP)
  • Mockup tools (e.g. Balsamiq)
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Competence in building teams

  • Experienced 12-person recruitment team
  • Permanent recruitment process for major technologies (e.g. Java, .NET, Python, QA)
  • Ability to source 10-20 specialists per month from the market and build complete teams
  • High-quality HR processes, confirmed by the Top Employer Poland and Top Employer Europe 2023 certificates,
  • Internal activities that build employee motivation
  • Proven recruitment strategies,
  • Cooperation with universities, including technical universities,
  • Participation in industry events, an internal recruitment program, and its own internship academy,
  • Command Program,
  • Short time to deliver candidates to project teams – 2-4 weeks

What affects the final cost of outsourcing IT services?


The price of the service provided by Inetum specialists depends on the number of man-hours needed to complete the task in a given project. In other words, from the expected length of the project and the number of people involved in it

Technology stack

The more niche the technology used in a project, the harder it is to find the right specialist. Reaching the right person with certain competencies sometimes requires additional work on the part of the recruiter.


Inetum specialists normally work remotely or from our offices located in Warsaw, Katowice, Poznan, Lublin, Lodz and Rzeszow. When necessary, they are delegated to the client, such as for the start of a project, training or implementation of solutions. The frequency and length of the delegation will affect the final cost of the project. In some cases, it is also possible to hire a specialist to work directly at the customer’s site

Level of competence required

Depending on the complexity of the project, individual tasks can be carried out by specialists with different experience, skills and technological knowledge. A three-tier systematic is standardly adopted:
Junior – a novice programmer with up to a few years of experience. At this level, programmers are competent to design simple solutions and create high-quality code. They are a great addition to a team with at least 1 senior developer.
Regular – having more than several years of experience in IT projects. Developers at this level are able to solve complex problems and design advanced application functionality. They can work independently or in teams.
Senior – developer with more than ten years of project experience, has high flexibility in designing solutions, can solve complex problems in several ways. People with such experience have a great deal of design and technical knowledge, often being an indicator of code quality.


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