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Microsoft One, Digital Transformation in the Cloud of possibilities

Microsoft One is an annual event for key Microsoft Partners. This year the conference took place in Krakow and gathered about 480 representatives from the partner channel and 350 Microsoft employees. Gfi Poland as a Microsoft Gold Partner had its stand at the conference, where the project implemented in the area of Cloud Azure – Predictive Maintenance was presented. Our stand “SAY HELLO TO OUR AI” was very popular among both employees and Microsoft partners. Gfi Poland implements one of the largest projects in the world in the area of predictive maintenance for a leading manufacturer of jet engines from Great Britain. We talked about the challenges ahead of us in the area of cloud computing at Microsoft One conference.

Cloud connects Partners!

This year, the theme that dominated the conference was the digital transformation in THE CLOUD OF POSSIBILITIES. Microsoft presented cloud #4, next to Azure, Dynamics 365 and Office 365, as solutions of partner companies. Cloud #4 is nothing more than the solutions of Microsoft partners who create their innovative services with this cloud platform in mind. Mark Loughran, General Manager at Microsoft Poland, pointed out that he is increasingly focused on selling products and services created by developers and integrators. He also declares that such partners can count on marketing, organizational and financial support.

Within the Gfi East group – Poland certainly fits into the strategy of Microsoft. Realdolmen from the Gfi group from Belgium offers an original system for brokers and insurance companies – Traviata CRM on the basis of Microsoft CRM Dynamics. Thus, Gfi Poland offers its customers from the insurance industry a product that supports customer relationship management. The software supports the channel from the intermediary from the insurance company to the end customer. This is a complete tool, which apart from monitoring sales, also has a marketing aspect in order to prepare campaigns and business plans for brokers.

So how is it with the cloud and Polish entrepreneurs?

In Poland, the cloud market is growing year by year, but it is still far from the world’s top. Only 11.5% of Polish companies use cloud solutions according to the research of the Statistical Office (2018). In the Eurostat report “Cloud computing – statistics on the use by enterprises”, Poland is ranked far 26th place among the 27 Member States of the European Union with the same result.

On the other hand, the awareness of cloud implementation as a factor of competitive advantage among Polish entrepreneurs is so high that in this year’s report, in which Gfi also participates – TOP200 Computerworld, to the question: “Please point to three technologies that will become a new area of revenues of your company in the years 2019-2020” – 90% of respondents answered – “Private, public, hybrid cloud”.

Are cloud implementations blocked by insufficient competences?

We learned at the Microsoft One conference that only 16% of Polish companies have the competences and tools to use the opportunities offered by the cloud. Mark Loughran, General Manager of Microsoft Poland – repeatedly stressed that in order to achieve this goal it is necessary to develop their know-how in this area, open up to cooperation between partners, as well as use financial and marketing programs offered to integrators and their customers by the manufacturer.

Gfi and the know-how of cloud projects

Our company cooperates with clients from abroad, where the awareness of cloud implementation in enterprises is estimated at 92%. For over 10 years we have been supporting our clients in the implementation of cloud projects. We advise, suggest and eliminate all doubts related to the cloud. Successes of our clients connected with Big Data, cloud computing, analysis of huge amounts of data, machine learning or artificial intelligence are just a few projects in which we participate. If you want to build a smart solution or just start collecting data, we are ready to help you.