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Foundation We’re riding for joy

This story moved us so we had to react and support the bicycle rally with blind people (especially when we found out that the main sponsor had withdrawn). The decision of our Management Board was quick – WE SUPPORT! This is how Gfi Poland became the patron of this event! Thanks to our company all participants of the rally have accommodation and reimbursement of travel costs.

The Foundation „Jedziemy po radość” (We’re riding for joy) was created by Przemek who himself is losing sight. When he found out that he will not be able to see soon, he set off on a bicycle journey. Thanks to it he understood that the only limits are those in his head.

He was reporting on his journey on social networks and unexpectedly began to receive dozens of e-mails with many thanks for becoming a “spark” for taking up smaller or larger challenges. Many people wrote that following his expedition, they decided to break their records or change life to more active.

This is how the foundation was established and it aims at activating blind people and giving them JOY through sport.

We keep our fingers crossed for BICYCLE TEAM and keep watching their progress on Facebook where Przemek reports on events. You can read about it HERE

Fundation We're riding for joy