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The story of a certain POS

As part of the Ecomania campaign, our company organized “Throw away unnecessary kilowatts”, the aim of which was to collect electro-waste and then give the income received from it to the EKON Foundation. There were not only ordinary computers and monitors among the devices recycled but also an almost complete POS (Point of Sale). It consisted of a central unit (PC), a monitor with a specialized keyboard (Dynakeys), scales with a scanner, hand scanners, payment terminals and printers. In a huge number of cables, routers and keyboards, this old POS looked awesome! This is its story.

It turned out that among the collected items, the company recycled the equipment used during the Millennium project, which lasted more than 17 years and started in 2000 with the customization of the Advanced Store @Retail cash system of the international NCR company for customers in Ireland, Belgium and the Netherlands. The cash system developed by IMPAQ operated in more than 800 Superqiunn, Praxis, Brico and Etos stores. It is interesting to note that already in 2001 we implemented solutions that appeared quite recently in Poland, such as self-service cash registers in supermarkets, or the so-called seflscan, which allows to scan goods yourself and put them in the basket.

The development and implementation of the system was made possible by the work of our colleagues. Some of them are still with us from the very beginning of the project: Sebastian Stefanowski, Dominika Majcher and Radosław Kaczmarek. Daniel Wojdak is the last developer who has maintained the last operating stores until the very end, and now has managed to find and pack the rest of the equipment.

On the picture you can see our colleague Radek Kaczmarek with a memorable POS !

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